What You Need To Know About the Apple Watch

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Tue, Mar 24, 2015 @ 03:53 PM

Are you overloaded with Apple Watch information? Well this article will touch on the basic points you need to know about it without all the frills. 

The Apple Watch will be making its debut on April 24, 2015.  However, developers can already begin developing apps before launch (unlike when the iPhone came out) using WatchKit.

It’s compatible with the iPhone 5 and 6.  But there will be some apps that do not require an iPhone (in case you forget your phone at home). These include:

  • Telling the time (what watches were used for before smartwatches existed)
  • Playing music (if you’ve uploaded it on to your watch)
  • Viewing photo albums (again, they need to be uploaded to the watch)
  • Tracking steps and heartbeat
  • Paying with Apple Pay 

Prices start at $349. But, as with all things “Apple”, there are a variety of Apple Watch options, which come at a price.

  • Apple Watch Sport: $349 for a 38mm size, and $399 for the 42mm size.
  • The stainless steel model will cost you $549 or $599 for the 38mm or 42mm respectively. You can also choose different watchbands for an additional cost.
  • Apple Watch Edition: this 18 karat gold smartwatch will put you back at least $10,000. Different options could raise the price to $17,000 though.

It’s water resistant! While you should not wear the watch while swimming or showering, it can withstand rainy weather and sweat while working out.

Long battery life. The watch should not need to be re-charged for 18 hours, unless you use it for listening to music or using fitness tracking. In that case, you can expect it to last about 6 hours.

Ways to use Apple Watch:

  • Texting/Emailing: receive notifications of new texts or emails directly on your watch.
  • Calls: make and receive calls via the watch’s speaker and mic.
  • Maps/GPS: have quick access to a map, or use the GPS if you wander too far from home.
  • Fitness: track how many calories you’ve burnt, time spent standing, and your heart rate.
  • Digital Touch app: send hand-drawn messages, vibrating love taps, or short audio clip messages.
  • Remote: if you have smart-phone connected appliances, you will be able to control them via Apple Watch.
  • NFC: you may already know that Apple Pay allows you to swipe to pay without carrying your credit card. But this NFC enabled device will also allow you to open hotel room doors!

Think you have an app that is well-suited for the new Apple Watch? Contact iOS developers at Blue Whale Apps today!

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