11 Best iPhone Apps for Football Season

Posted by Christine Morrow on Thu, Sep 04, 2014 @ 03:23 PM

The hype of Football Season 2014 has commenced.  With college football starting this past weekend and the NFL describe the imageofficially starting this week, it's best we are all prepared.  The football essentials are beer, food, beer, beer, food, oh and an awesome app to keep you updated and informed.

There's tons of people who are involved with Fantasy Football and they need access to every game that's happening that day to know how certain players are performing.  More unfortunate people have to work on the weekends and are unable to watch the games; they need live updates! And then, there's the dreaded extracurricular activities that keep us from being able to watch the game.  The perfect app is necessary for those individulas to have.

I've done some research on other people's blogs and the app store itself.  The apps I've listed below are the most popular apps for all your football needs including live scores, news, videos, stats, Fantasy Football tracker, and even to play football during half time.

Enjoy the 2014 season! May the best team win. 

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