A Faster iOS Facebook App Has Finally Arrived

Posted by Christine Morrow on Fri, Aug 24, 2012 @ 11:36 AM

It has finally arrived!

Hooray!! ID-100271241An incredibly faster iOS Facebook app is NOW available! I can assure you all, that already has made our days much, much better.  We can all be informed at lightning speed about statues, pictures, messages and check-ins. What can be more exciting, right?

Okay, let’s backtrack real quick…

If you look back at my previous post “Anticipating a Faster iOS Facebook App This Summer” it explains how Facebook used HTML 5 instead of Objective-C, slowing down their app completely.  The cross-platform language, like HTML 5, isn’t necessarily gone forever, but it definitely isn’t to be used on an app as large as Facebook.  That is where they went wrong.

Get rid of the wrapper!

The app has been rebuilt for iOS, which means the app is no longer a “wrapper” of HTML 5 pages holding it together, slowly.  They’ve built the app natively to adhere to iOS allowing better performance.

“More money, more problems” is not the advice you should take here.

Just a little side note: Most people who want to develop an app would rather spend less money – and who can blame them?  But, the problem here is that you get what you pay for.   Spending less money = getting less quality = MORE problems.  Listen to P. Diddy in other situations. 

The person who will do it for a quarter of the cost is only concerned with getting the job done as fast as they can.  But, a good development company wants to deliver pristine quality along with a realistic time frame, and in the right programming language for your platform(s).

So, what else is so great about the Facebook app?

Besides its awesome speed, it does come equipped with a few other features.  The look hasn’t changed much, but it definitely seems more chic.  Especially, if you open up the app on your iPad – it looks fabulous with the new retina display and the timeline in landscape view.  Mashable has some great visuals of these new features!

  • Since the app is now natively built, you can take pictures right as you’re about to update your status without having to leave the app.  Fancy.  Not to mention, your photos will update at a much faster rate.
  • Facebook messager has been integrated into iPhone app, allowing you to share your location settings with friends. 
  • Notifications are almost given at an instant!  Now, you’ll be notified quicker than ever. 
  • The newsfeed is now in real-time.  You’ll be shown “new stories” as you’re scrolling through previous ones, instantly. 
  • Photo viewing is easier and more convenient.  Once you open up the photo, it’s a full screen showing you the description along with its likes and comments.

Okay – what are you waiting for? Go download your new iOS Facebook app now



Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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