Apple is Removing Emoji Apps From App Store

Posted by Christine Morrow on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 11:57 AM

Most of the younger crowd, and playful adults, like to use emoticons in their text messages.  Why? Because it adds character (no pun intended) to the conversations, and it keeps things interesting.  

With over thousands of emoji type apps that are circulating the Apple App Store with all sorts of different icons that can be used to minimize the amount of words needed.

Well ID-10050948sadly, folks, Apple is giving emoji apps the boot!  There will no longer be emoticon apps in the Apple App Store.  The reason being is that Apple’s iOS 6 now supports emoji.  So, it’s not entirely bad news, and you can still keep your conversations emoji friendly!

And thanks to TechCrunch’s report, they’ve provided an email that Apple sent a developer explaining their situation:

“Hello [redacted],

We are writing to let you know your app, [redacted], has been removed from the App Store because it is no longer needed to unlock Emoji.

Since iOS 6 now provides Emoji support to all users, your app is no longer in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines

2.12 Apps that are not very useful, are simply web sites bundled as apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected

If you have questions about the removal of your application, please contact App Review at Please include the App ID and the name of your application in your email.

Thank you and best regards,

App Review”

As a development company, we have several people inquire about creating an emoji based app with their own twist.  Unfortunately, those types of projects will no longer be put into play.  But, don't let that crush your hopes and dreams of creating an app; there are plenty of other app ideas out there!


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