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Posted by Christine Morrow on Sun, Dec 23, 2012 @ 01:45 PM

I’m happy to say, that there were plenty of interesting apps this year; along with some much-needed updates.  This post will be slightly different than my usual ones.  Aside my list of favorite apps, I will also give a list from others who reached out to me via Facebook. These apps range from free to paid, simple to extravagant, useful to keeping your attention for 2+ hours!

My Favorites List


I know, so unexpected.  Here’s my reasoning: Before August 2012, most of you (including myself) were complaining about the slow functioning version.  Since then, it has been completely revamped and working better than ever.  Why? I have it fully explained from my previous blog, “A Faster iOS Facebook App Has Finally Arrived”.  Check it out - interesting stuff. 


Unfortunately, Apple’s maps took a complete plummet – no pun intended.  The Eiffel tower was completely flattened, and couldn’t get you from point A to point B - 100% of the time.  So, I found an interestingly reliable source – Waze.  It’s like having a GPS navigation system in your car, but didn’t cost $120.  Turn by turn navigation, a lady that speaks to you (if you wish), alerts to notify users of accidents or cops nearby, connect with friends to meet up or track your current driving status.

Snap Chat

Ah, this one is definitely my favorite.SnapChat  It is an awesome way to take and send your funniest, ugliest, or weirdest photos, but there’s a few catches.  You can select how long you want the person to see the photo, which ranges from 1-10 seconds.  The person must keep a finger on the photo for it to continue to show, until the allotted time is up.  Another good feature is that it will not save to your camera roll, unless you want it to. So much fun!

Draw Something

Although I don’t use it much anymore, I think I was borderline addicted at one point.  I’m pretty sure I had about 30 games going on at the same time, and would stop on a dime if I were notified of my turn. And I highly doubt this is app needs any explanation.  It was definitely a huge hit this year – and a memorable app that has opened the doors for many other app ideas.


Pinterest made its debut in 2010 and releasing the first iPhone app in 2011.  The app had quite a few issues resulting in constant crashes.  In August of this year, they finally got it right.  The app is user friendly, allowing you to pin as if you were doing it from your computer.


A simple, clean, and innovative task list manager that I have just discovered literally 5 days ago and wondered why I haven’t spotted it sooner.Clear App iphone realmac  It was released back in February and has great feedback from reliable sources and users.  There’s no buttons, alerts, reminders, or categories; you literally control everything with a swipe of a finger.  A definite MUST have.  From the makers of Clear, “We became obsessed with how to simplify our lives without adding clutter… Our solution is Clear”.





The Guest List


It definitely beats out the renowned app, Shazam.  You can sing or hum into the app and it can recognize the song.  It also has, LiveLyrics, which are up to speed with the music.  And, if you’re playing a song from your phone, it will show the lyrics and artist’s info.  Undoubtedly necessary for your iPhone. 

Submitted by Monique Born.


Yes, two t’s!  It is a “fun, new way to see and share life, as it happens.”  You get to take a 10 second moving picture slideshow and share with your friends!  Lightt is a social networking app, so make sure to connect with everyone you know.  It’s like Instagram, but your photos turn into a movie!

Submitted by Gregg Weiss.


I was actually told about this app today, and how enlightening it is.  This app is from TED Conferences, which allows you to listen to speeches in all sorts of topics from passionate experts.  I will be putting this app to use shortly!  The tag line is “Ideas worth spreading”. 

Submitted by Gregg Weiss

NOAA Radar

Get ready to take weather to a whole new realm! It shows you weather radar in a SUPER hi-resolution.  Choose from multiple maps, views, and cities.  Adjust your preferences to your liking.  Marissa says “Helped me navigate through cells of tornados while driving through the Midwest.”  It might just take over my current weather app.

Submitted by Marissa

Mardi Gras Live!

Whether you’re working, studying, or doing other unexcitable activities, you can always be at the party!  It’s people watching at its finest.  Andy, who claims to have left his heart in New Orleans, get’s to stay connected even though he is thousands of miles away!

Submitted by Andy Nogues

Rue La La

Shop anytime, anywhere? Sign me up with this app!  They have a curated selection of literally EVERYTHING you can think of – clothing, shoes, travel, home, wine, and more! 

Submitted by Shana Pollack


World Of Beer – an amazing place. It’s only in a few select areas, mainly on the East Coast but mostly in Florida where their headquarters are located.  Hence its name, you can choose beers from all over the world.  This app is only relevant to those who have a WOB in their area, and a great way to look up events, beers on tap, and to check your loyalty card.

Submitted by Tim Nover

Don’t be shy!

We want YOU to tell us what your favorite app of the year was!  Or, if you disagree with any of these choices, let us know why.  Any feedback is good feedback. 

Blue Whale wishes everyone a Happy Holiday & a fun, but safe New Year. 


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