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Posted by Christine Morrow on Sat, Apr 13, 2013 @ 12:09 PM

Whether you are ID-10020727an entrepreneur, small business, or large business with a smaller budget, app development can still be affordable for you.  We suggest you start with getting your feet wet, by understanding the process of app development and exploring your options.  There are a few things that need to be addressed before diving in. 

How Deep Are Your Pockets?

Budget.  The first factor that needs to be decided.  How much are you willing and able to spend for this project?  Don’t forget you must budget for the app, as well as, a marketing plan.

Once that has been decided, compile a list of features for the app, and have a good understanding of how the app will work.  Now, you’re ready to seek a developer!

Bare Necessities

After telling a developer their entire sought out idea, most people are flabbergasted when they find out how much it would cost.  Feature-rich apps involve a great amount of manual labor, and a skilled team to successfully execute the project.

However, projects can always be scaled back.  We usually suggest starting with the core requirements; the features that are completely necessary to deliver a functional app with its main purpose.  

At this point, you have a perfect starting point to a long road of success, if you manage properly.

Explore Your Options

After the initial launch, you track the success of your app, and gain feedback from your users.  What do the users want to see in the next version? It may be completely different from your original plans, but it saved yourself time and money by slowing adding features to your app instead of having features that weren't necessary.

Opposite of that, they could want exactly what you’ve been envisioning. The good thing about waiting, is this time around you'll know exactly what your users want, and how to perfectly market the app.  Monetizing at it’s finest.

Basically, less = more, if you play it right.

We always tell our clients to treat the app project like a business because it requires attention, dedication, patience, and above all risk.  Understand your target audience, and the best way to execute your unique idea!

And remember, there's no rush - wait until you have the right budget, for the right project, with the right developer.  Timing is everything!




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