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Posted by Christine Morrow on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:36 AM

ExerVolve is an iPhone fitness app that Blue Whale developed for personal trainer, Jason Schlaffer.  The app allows aExervolve iPhone app user to receive custom workouts once they've completed a short assessment and log each session to show their progress.  The exercises are done at the user's pace and provided instructions on how to properly perform them.

The assessment includes information such as gender, age, height, and weight.  Additional information that can be factored in the personalized workout is workout goals, available equippment, injuries, session length, etc.  It really caters to the user and provides workouts that would benefit them the most.

Once a user is finished with their assessment, they will receive daily, customized workouts.  Based on the workout's length, the user will see the exercises given to select how many sets and reps they want to do.  After they've selected those, a timer is set.  When that exercise is complete, the user continues with different exercises until the alotted time is up.

Other great features of the app:

  • Log workouts. User can view the history of their workouts and see their progress.
  • Videos.  View training videosExervolve work outs that show you how to properly perform each exercise.  Most people do exercises incorrectly, which leads to unwanted injuries.  This is a great feature!
  • Trainer directory.  Looking for a trainer in your area?  ExerVolve lets you search by city/state to find local trainers.


This is an awesome workout app.  You can take it with you while you're on vacation, at a park, from the comfort of your own home, or even to the gym.  It's super convenient and can be customized to every individual.  I highly recommend this app for all fitness levels!

Download ExerVolve today - you won't be disappointed! 

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