Fast Food Gets Faster With Apps

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Wed, Sep 18, 2013 @ 08:02 PM

Fast food has always been an American favorite, but now mobile app development makes getting your favorite french fix even easier. Many fast food restaurants have taken advantage of the popularity of mobile applications with mobile coupons, mobile-friendly websites, and themed games and contests diners can engage with smartphones. A few restaurants are even taking the mobile app craze to new heights with mobile ordering. 

Fast Food Mobile App Development

McDonald’s Gets in on Mobile App Development with Mobile Ordering App

McDonald's is one of the latest fast food franchises to implement mobile ordering. Other fast food joints, like Domino's Pizza, have previously used mobile ordering to speed up the food sale process, but McDonald's plans to take it one step further. The new mobile app for Android and iOS devices will allow hungry patrons to order AND pay for their meals before stepping foot inside the restaurant. Mobile users can then pick up their order through the drive through or in person at the counter. According to NY Daily News, the app is currently being tested in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas. 

Such mobile applications have the potential to revolutionize the way we shop, eat, work, and play. With so much of our lives moving faster than we can keep up with already, mobile apps that help save us time for mundane things, like paying for lunch and waiting in line, can help us enjoy life just a little bit more. Mobile food ordering could let you accomplish more on your lunch hour, or even sneak in a power nap during the time you would have spent waiting in line to order, pay, and receive your meal. Such apps could also help us track our budgets more closely and monitor our food intake more accurately.

Fast Food Mobile App Development Usefulness

Can't remember what you had for lunch last Friday? Your mobile ordering app could help you notice unhealthy trends of too much fast food or reveal a steady diet of salads and sprouts that allows for a fast food treat when you're pressed for time. You could also use mobile food apps to send your spouse or teenager to pick up the food without worrying about getting the order wrong or losing your change. Pre-ordered, pre-paid food means nearly anyone can be sent to retrieve your lunch or dinner without fear of munching your way through an onion-laden burger before your big meeting with the boss. (Although, I doubt mobile apps will improve order accuracy on the part of minimum-wage fast food employees. That would be a job for an entirely different type of app.)

Fast food mobile app development is likely to go through many more changes in up-coming months. What features and design elements would you like to see included in a mobile-food app?


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