Google Announces Android Wear: Smartwatches

Posted by Christine Morrow on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Google recently announced that they will be expanding their products beyond smartphones and tablets.  They've indicated that they will have 'Android Wear' which is a wearable device, starting with watches.  describe the image

Android Wear features:

  • Fitness tracker.  Google maps will be integrated, tracking real-time speed, distance, and time based on your exercise of choice.
  • Receive notifications.  Users can sync with their smartphone, allowing them to select which apps they'd like notifications from.  Also, recieve reminders, alerts, etc.
  • Voice command.  Users can say "OK Google" and prompt the device to complete the task asked.

Google is starting to work with quite a few Android manufacturers in making this expansive throughout the market. LG has already made a public statement that their "G Watch" will be available in Q2 of this year. 

We also know that Google is working to make the Android Wear appealing to users.  Apparently there's a few fashion brands who are on board to include this operating system to their watches, including Fossil.  It sounds like Google is trying to make this as chic and optimal for all types of users.  

Since Google Glass wasn't the most appealing look for users, we can only hope that these watches will be fashionable and wearable like a normal watch.  Keep an eye out for Android Wear coming to market in the next few months!



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