Google Glass: Virtual Reality Glasses

Posted by Christine Morrow on Fri, May 10, 2013 @ 10:44 AM

“Ok Glass”.  Two words that will start your gadgetGoogle Glass and execute the rest of your demands.  Google Glass is basically virtual reality glasses.  It is a wearable computer, with a built in “Siri” that syncs with your phone and is to be worn like glasses, allowing you to control hands-free.

Features of Google Glass

You can:

  • Snap a picture by winking
  • Record a video (and share it live)
  • Get driving directions
  • Send a message via email, text, or social media
  • Ask Google 
  • Translate your voice

All done by voice activation, and can see it being done right before your eyes, literally. Get the Google Glass experience, here.

Is it the Future of Technology?

Debatable. All of these features can already be done on your smart phone, except hands are required to use. Althought, one great benefit is that a person can document any event
without having to worry about missing the full experience because they're too busy handling a non hands-free device. 

Also, if you want to skydive, you don't have to pay someone to record the video for you and you have the exact view of which you've experienced. It would be like re-living that awesome moment all over again.  

However, this device seems to only be predominately in hands of men between their early 20's to late 40's. The early explorers signed up last year to receive the "Explorer Edition" at about $1,500.  There are quite a few women who have their hands on these glasses, and make up about 30% of the current beta users.  

Eager for a pair?

Regardless of ones view, this definitely opens the door for new opportunities and continued growth for the industry.  The questions remain: Would you wear it?  Would you want to invest in this? Will there be an issue targeting to more than just tech geek men? What are some benefits you see for the future? Share your thoughts!



Image courtesy of Google.

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