Kenyans Compete in Mobile App Development Contest

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Tue, May 21, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Young residents of Kenya are currently competing in a mobile app development contest, Mobile Apps Garage Showcase. The contest has mobile app developers coming out of attics, basements, home offices, bedrooms, and garages to try their hand at developing a mobile app worthy of recognition amongst their peers. College students and recent grads are competing for prizes and cash money put up by mobile backer Samsung. 

kenyan app developerThe theme for the contest is, "Solutions for the Next Billion Mobile Users", and features such app offerings as Twendeloo, a mobile app that helps users locate the nearest public bathroom and provide a rating for that bathroom's cleanliness. Another competitor has developed an app that helps subsistence farmers choose the right seed and soil combinations for crop success. A third app developer has offered an app that contains the entire constitution of Kenya, with handy links that help decode the political jargon. Yet another developer believes an app to help people find affordable housing is should be the winner. All four examples are useful and helpful for fellow Kenyans. 

"I'm still waiting for the next big breakthrough. And I urge you all to get your ideas to market as soon as possible, " says Samsung mobile representative in Kenya, Manoj Changarampatt.

What do you think? Should other countries regularly host mobile app development competitions? Many talented mobile app developers go unnoticed and such competitions could help give them the recognition and backing needed to develop the next big app. Country-wide mobile app developer discovery competitions could be the nerdy version of American Idol for developers. It would certainly make for better reality television than some other offerings of late. Singing, dancing, and a trendy hairstyle wouldn't be the only abilities praised in the U.S media if more shows featured mobile app development skills, website development, or even the ability to generate useful ideas outside of the ordinary. 

With a publicized mobile app development contest, consumers could have an opportunity to voice their unique opinions on apps in the works and what they really want and need in a mobile application. Businesses could glean a welath of marketing information freely from consumers who are enthusiastic about mobile devices. 

While not every mobile app developed and placed for download in the App Store is a winner, in fact, many are just plain junk, some very good apps are rarely found because they are buried beneath the multitude of app submissions sent in every day.

What would it take for you to pour your heart and energy into developing a winning mobile app for a competition? Would recognition be enough, or would you need a job offering at a top mobile app development company? Would cash and prizes like mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets be required? Who would be worthy of judging such a competition? Developing apps is hard work, but winning a competition could be a golden ticket for a new app developer. 


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