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Posted by Christine Morrow on Fri, Oct 25, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

Polling and voting apps have become popular over the past several months.  Although people have mostly depended on other's opinions greatly in the past, photo 2it's now a trend in the mobile world. Since social apps are a quick and easy way to reach out to the public, why not add in a voting twist to help with any polarizing topic?

Pic & Click iPhone app is the newest social polling and voting app available!  It's completely user friendly allowing you to search polls by everyone, trending, or by the people you follow.  Create a poll by "text only" or "photo & text", describe the imageand you can add up to four options to give to your pollers.  

Of course, Pic & Click is #hashtag friendly, by allowing you to find certain polls based on specific words and phrases.

Whether you're trying to end a debate, decide on an outfit to wear, or what car to buy - ask your friends and/or complete strangers to help you in the decision making! 

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