Top 5 Photo Editing Apps to Enhance Your Next 'Selfie'

Posted by Christine Morrow on Sun, Apr 20, 2014 @ 01:54 PM

Most of you are probably aware that Oxford Dictionary claimed "selfie" to be the "Word of the Year" in 2013.  Since #selfie is one of the most exhausted trends of our time, we should at least make the best of it.  Aviary Puppy SelfieEven though camera phones come highly qualified these days, people still insist on editing their selfies.  

Thankfully, there's an abundance of photo editing apps to help maintain the next best individual photo including filters, stickers, adding text, ability to draw on the photo, cropping (top priority), and then some.

Yours truly did some research to find some of the best photo editing apps; you'll find them below!

FaceTune - it's basically Photoshop. It takes all your blemishes and makes your face look flawless. They claim to make a user's face look like a model in a magazine. 

Aviary - This app has actually been integrated with several of our client's apps, and has plenty of features to choose from.  Including sticker packs, filtering, and all of the good stuff I named above.

Camera360 - Or better known as "Magic Skin".  Many people rave about the many filters within that category.  There's also several other filter categories to choose from.  

PhotoWonder - They have a "slimify" feature, nuff said? Oh, and other cool effects, too!

Camera Awesome - It has pretty interesting editing features that I've never seen before.  

Now, go on and make them selfies the best they can be!! :)

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