WOD Challenge iPhone App: Athletes Can Send CrossFit Workouts

Posted by Christine Morrow on Sat, Aug 24, 2013 @ 02:00 PM

Are you a CrossFitter? Are you looking to challenge some of your friends or competitor boxes to see who's the best? Well, WOD Challenge is a FREE iPhoneWOD Challenge App that allows athletes and boxes to send challenges to one another.  

The main perk of this app is there's a global leaderboard that tracks athletes and boxes.  You can also track the leaderboard based on WOD, Male, and Female.  The more challenges you send and win, the better you'll rank on the leader board.

Athletes are able to search by Facebook friends and local users who have the app. Simply click onWOD Challenge select a WOD screen shot the user, select a completion date, the WOD, and may the best athlete win!

Boxes are able to register and sign up with their logo, website, and address.  This gives boxes great exposure to many local athletes and allow their members a chance to have a friendly competition with boxes all around the globe.  

What are you waiting for? Download WOD Challenge today and start challenging your friends! 

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