Apple’s New iOS 9 Software Update

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Thu, Sep 24, 2015 @ 12:58 PM

Like most people on the planet, we are getting used to the Apple’s newest software iOS 9, released on September 16.  Except for those affected by the bug (click here to see how it was fixed), so far so good as Apple’s latest enhancements and improvements prove to be quite impressive.  Here are some of our favorite updates….

News: Apple’s app developers made powerful enhancements to their existing built-ins like mail, messages, web browsing, maps, etc. Their newest app, News, will as Apple put it, it will “change how you experience news.”  The beauty of this app is that is puts all the stories from your favorite publications in one place so you don’t have to hunt through different apps and websites to find the news that’s most important to you.  Based on what you like to read, stories are hand selected for you, and the more you use News, the better it gets at this selection. Expect to see awesome formatting as Apple News Format allows publishers to create unique editorial layouts with custom typography and rich multimedia. 

Notes: Apple just made using Notes even easier with more options.  Create bulleted checklists, add a photo, map, or webs link to a note, and even use a set of drawing tools to make a sketch in the note with your finger! Even better, with iCloud, you can access Notes from all your devices, make edits, and always have your ever important notes on hand.  You can also tap the Share button in Safari, Maps, and other apps to save attachments to a note - maps, links, Pages documents, and more. 

Maps: Traveling to major cities just got a little less stressful with major improvements to Maps. New features such as Transit view allow you to use public transportation with Maps as your guide in select cities around the world.  You will be able to see lines and stations for subways, buses, trains, and ferries. With the Nearby feature, you can easily find hot spots that are close by such as places to shop, restaurants, attractions, and more. 

Wallet: By adding your credit card to the Wallet app, you can securely and easily make purchases. Soon you’ll be able to use store credit cards such as Kohl’s Charge or JCPenney Credit Card and be able to add rewards cards like Dunkin’ Donuts, Walgreens, and Panera to earn and redeem rewards, all from Apple Pay. 

Advanced iPad Features: Productivity on your iPad just got even more impressive with new features such as Slide Over that allow you to open a second app without having to leave the one you’re currently in, Split View where you can have two apps open and active at the same time (work on an app while referencing another right in front of you!), Picture in Picture that allows you to use a second app while you’re using FaceTime or watching a video, and QuickType where you can use the all-new Shortcut Bar with its convenient editing tools and the wireless keyboard for even more shortcuts.

Siri: She’s so smart, she can even give you suggestions before you ask!  She’s also become more accurate and delivers results faster with a wider range of topics and wider range of answers.  She can find pictures and videos from specific events, remind you about things you’re looking at in apps such as Safari, Mail, and Notes, and provides an even more intelligent search when you look for information in the search field.

What are your thoughts about Apple’s newest update?  Please share!


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