Apple’s iOS 9 Previewed Earlier This Week at WWDC

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Fri, Jun 12, 2015 @ 01:20 PM

Big news broke in the app development world this week at WWDC as Apple’s Craig Federighi previewed iOS 9 on the keynote stage, revealing much about this new update. Here are some of the new and exciting features you can expect, broken down by four categories: Built-In Apps, iPad Experience, Intelligence, and Foundation. For additional information, check out the Apple iOS 9 Preview page on Apple’s website.

Built-In Apps

The big news here was….News!   The new app that Apple says “will change how you experience news” collects stories you want to read from topics you are interested in and provides a place to enjoy engaging stories with photo galleries, videos, and animation on both your iPhone and iPad.

As for the existing apps, expect to see key enhancements on old favorites such as Notes (turn lists into checklists by creating bullets, sketch a note with your finger using different drawing tools, and more), Maps (Transit view shows public transit information with routes and directions including line wait times and stations, and the Nearby view allows you to easily find what’s close by including shops, restaurants, and attractions), and Wallet (new features allow you to make purchases with your Discover card or certain store credit cards, add reward cards to your Wallet app and receive and redeems rewards using Apple Pay).

iPad Experience

Multitasking improvements on the iPad were a big focus for the developers of the iOS 9 updates.  They added new features such as Picture in Picture, Slide Over (lets users open a second app without leaving the app they’re currently using), and Split View (allows you to have two apps open and active at the same time, available on iPad Air 2 only). Typing and editing will also be a lot easier and faster than before with an improved QuickType keyboard.


Siri is getting smarter and more proactive.  The personal assistant will know when you get in the car, automatically put new appointments in your Calendar, and even help you figure out who’s calling from that number you don’t recognize.  You can ask Siri to search for specific photos or videos from your library based on location and time and have Siri set reminders within apps such as Safari, Mail, and Notes.  You can even get up-to-date sports and weather information and more. 

The intelligence is so good, it’s almost scary. With the new update, you’ll automatically see the contacts with whom you speak to most, receive suggested apps based on your routine and interests, and see local news updates based on your location.


Several refinements have been made to make your iPhones and iPads work more efficiently including a longer battery life, smaller and more convenient updates that do not take up as much free space, faster and smoother scrolling and animation, and improved security. 

At Blue Whale App Development, we’re staying on top of the latest and greatest updates from Apple’s iOS 9 and all the activity from this week’s WWDC. For information on how we can apply this new technology towards developing an app for your business, contact us!

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