iOS 7 Update: Apple App Store Offers Search Suggestions

Posted by Christine Morrow on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 @ 02:59 PM

We are all aware of how difficult it can to search for certain types of apps in the App Store.  Whether you're looking for a new puzzle game, task planner, girl with binocularsrecipe generator, it can be tough.  Thankfully, Apple has recently updated iOS 7, with their 7.1 release, to help you search for the app you're looking for!  It currently comes with 'search suggestions'.

Currently, Apple is still in the testing phase.  Only users in the United States can see this added featurer, and only on iPhones (sorry, desktop and iPad users).  Apple does plan to expand that fully within the next couple of days.  

Before the update, there really hasn't been much assistance from Apple in pointing users in the right direction to find the perfec app.  I usually found apps just based on what was recommended on the "top lists" or getting lucky based on what I searched.  It will be nice for users to have suggestions based on their keywords.

Apple will boost apps recognition based on good-quality development and downloads. Also, Apple will now be promoting their apps over third-party apps - makes sense.  

Make sure you update your operating system to the latest version and see how the new feature works for you!






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