iOS App Development Research Shows iOs Users Embrace iOS 6

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 @ 08:37 PM

A recent poll by OnSwipe, TechCrunch published the results of a study examining when iOS users update to the newest operating system. While 38% of iOS users had upgraded to iOS 5 four weeks after its release, 59% have upgraded to iOS 6 in the first week. Experts speculate that iOS users embrace new upgrades very readily, especially compared to Android users.

This willingness to embrace change readily is one of the reasons app developers love the iOS platform and its users. While Android is a great platform to use and develop for, not all manufacturers and devices support the latest Android operating system updates.

iOS App Development Perks

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One of the reasons for the increase in adoption speed for iOS users is the universal application of upgrades across all iOS devices. That the previous update included an over-the-air update capability certainly helped users embrace the newest upgrade as well. All considered, iOS upgrades contain enough incentives to motivate the majority of users to download the latest update more quickly.

Is this simply an extension of the intuitiveness and user-friendly interface that is so characteristic of Apple? Some fans believe so, and are willing to pay more for Apple devices to gain access to such features and updates. Apple seems to be very good at looking at the user experience from the user’s point of view and providing a positive experience for the majority of iOS consumers.

Another perk of upgrading to the latest iOS release is the knowledge that many of the most popular iOS apps will be releasing new features to take full advantage of the upgrade within a few days of the formal release date. This is a lot like getting a Christmas present, and getting to unwrap it again with a shiny new paint job in July. For many iOS users, popular apps that support timely upgrades are a gift that just keep giving.

App development companies often have a preference for developing iOS apps over Android for many of these reasons, and the iOS app market is steadily growing despite the economic downturn. With the promise of lucrative possibilities, app developers embrace the iOS platform as readily as consumers.

Android Versus iOS: Weighing the Pros and Cons of App Development

While the Android platform is a wonderful open-source platform, it has enough snags to make the app development process unpleasant for developers and/or consumers alike. In a perfect world, Android OS upgrades would be universally applicable to all Android devices and be as intuitive and easy to institute as iOS upgrades.

What do you think? Does Android shoot itself in the foot by limiting upgrade compatibility and ease for consumers? Is iOS your favorite app development platform, and if so, why? What do you think Android could do to bolster consumer acceptance and demand for OS upgrades?

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