iPhone App Developer Gains Success (or Notoriety)

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Tue, Feb 07, 2012 @ 11:25 AM

When an iPhone app developer updates an iPhone app already available in the market, he has a certain amount of freedom to code whatever he likes into an update. He can include features that consumers have suggested or asked for, make the app more stable, add new features, or simply fix a few bugs in the programming. However, according the iTunes App Store terms of agreement, he also has a responsibility to code in a professional manner that adheres to the originally agreed upon terms when the app was approved for sale in the App store. 

iPhone App Developer Hits Home with QuasiDisk

It can be tempting to try to sneak in a few "illegal" features for some iPhone app developers, as happened this week with QuasiDisk, a file sharing app that snuck in an unsanctioned, yet highly desirable feature, of iPhone tethering. The app was pulled from the market just hours after blogs started spreading the word about the hidden feature within the iPhone app. 

iphoneThe reasons behind Apple's banning of iPhone tethering are obvious, since playing nicely with cell phone service providers is a required part of lucrative mobile phone sales. However, consumers still find the feature appealing despite the potential shadiness of gaining access to unlimited data that essentially goes unchecked by most cellular carriers (which is changing as carriers enact new policies to put a stop to tethering). And there are iPhone app developers out there who are willing to cash in on a sudden burst of sales gained by producing such an app, even if they know it will be pulled from the market sooner rather than later. 

Business Ethics for the iPhone App Developer?

The decision to bend the rules when developing an iPhone app or an iPhone app update is ultimately ethical in nature, and like any other business decision, is an individual choice. How do you decide which actions in your business are worth bending the official rules for? Would you defy governing rules to provide a service to consumers that was in high demand? 

QuasiDisk iPhone App Developer: Publicity or Notoriety?

If there truly is no such thing as bad publicity, QuasiDisk iPhone app developer, Chris Simpson has gained instant success in the world of app development as word of QuasiDisk spreads. Is this a nugget of marketing genius or pure luck on the app developer's part? Only Mr. Simpson knows for sure what the full implications of gambling with the Apple App Store's terms of agreement may hold. The way you view such results depends largely on which side of the ethical fence you lean on. 

Should iPhone app developers have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding what is ethical in creating services for mobile phone consumers, or do we really need a governing body to protect the interests of the corporations that provide valuable services that keep the mobile world operating at full speed? 

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