iPhone App Development Continues to Top Google with App Developers

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Tue, Jun 19, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

In a recent New York Times article, Nick Wingfield and Brian X. Chen touted Apple’s loyal fan base of app developers as one of the major contributors to the iPhone’s continued success. Despite overwhelming sales of Google’s Android-based mobile devices, Apple continues to dominate the mobile app development market.

iPhonesGoogle’s open source operating system makes Android mobile phones a wildly popular choice for consumers, since any mobile device manufacturer is welcome to utilize the Android system on marketed devices. This approach provides consumers with the choice of a wide selection of mobile phone manufacturers, screen sizes, and other popular choices that make choosing and purchasing a mobile phone today such an individualized and personal process.

However, iPhone app development continues to be a favorite among app development companies, with many mobiel app devleopers developing apps exclusively for iOS. Among app developers who provide offerings in both iOS and Android formats, the majority of those write iOS versions first and foremost, with an Android version trailing behind at a later date.

iPhone App Development Benefits

One of the most probable reasons for the fierce loyalty to iPhone app development is likely the greater profitability of iPhone apps. Not only does market research show iPhone users are more likely to pay more for an iPhone app than Android users, iPhone app developers earn more from the iOS apps they create as well. It’s estimated that iOS apps earn nearly 75% more than similar Android versions. Another contributing factor may be the added ease of creating iPhone apps. Apple also employs strict app development guidelines and polices which govern which apps get approved for sale in the App Store, creating a safer product environment for consumers and iPhone app developers alike. This additional buyer confidence, in turn, helps to boost iOS app sales.

Future iPhone App Development Expected to Remain Steady

Despite Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s faulty December 2011 prediction that Android apps would overtake iPhone apps in favorability among app development companies, industry experts continue to watch and analyze the two front runners in the mobile app development race with piqued interest. Indeed, marketing researchers can glean massive information from the interplay between the open source popularity of Google’s Android system and the ever-loyal devotees to Apple’s iPhone and iPad mobile apps. To date, the iPad continues to dominate the tablet industry, while iPhone sales continue to steadily grow despite the huge number of mobile devices available on the Android platform. Industry experts claim that Apple will remain a top contender, with steadily increasing growth in the near future.

Some industry experts warn that a stall may be in store for iPhone app development, in response to an expected stagnation in Apple device sales similar to the slump Apple experienced in the 1990s when Windows became widely embraced and dominated the market. With the recent death of legendary Apple leader Steve Jobs, and the surge in Android device sales, many predict a rocky future for Apple’s mobile devices. However, the fierce loyalty of iOS users and iPhone app developers may prove to be enough to buoy both iPhones and iPads in the coming years. Only time will truly tell how the market plays out, but iPhone app developers will continue to support the iOS platform as long as it remains a profitable endeavor.




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