Mobile App Development: Difference between iOS and Android

Posted by Christine Morrow on Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 10:45 AM

Our managing director Gregg Weiss was recently interviewed as part of Clutch’s expert interview series on mobile app development. ID-100148286Clutch, the leading resource for mobile app developer reviews, probed topics such as app development cost and mobile platform selection. 

For example, Gregg was asked for the differences between iOS and Android development:

[iOS is] an easier platform to develop for. The tools are much better from a development perspective. There are also fragmentation issues with Android. In the Apple keynote last week [in October 2014], there was a slide where they said 94 percent of iOS users are on iOS 7 and iOS 8 combined. You've got 48 percent of people on iOS 8, an operating system that just came out weeks ago. In contrast, 25 percent of Android users are on KitKat, which is from 2011. Approximately 50 percent are on Jelly Bean from 2012, and you've got some people that are on even older ones. So, in terms of supporting the operating systems, on the Android side it just makes development and testing longer. Then, of course, we're just talking about operating systems, not to mention the different carriers, screen sizes, and manufacturers of Android devices. There's really something to be said about Apple's integrated approach of hardware and software in terms of development.”

Gregg also gave examples from the Blue Whale Apps’ experience to illustrate the price of a mobile app:

“We developed a golf instruction iOS app that was on the lower price end, although it was a universal iPhone and iPad app. But, there was really no server side, no social features, and no login. It was basically a bunch of videos with in-app purchases. So, in terms of complexity, it really wasn't that complex, and would be sort of on the lower end for price.

Conversely, a social photo app like Slide Photos that we built is a full social app. We did the logo, the branding, the back-end, the front end, everything. We also did a bunch of incremental updates to the app. We integrated Foursquare after the first version was released. It has a lot of features. That would be more on the higher end as far as price.”


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