Mobile Apps Influence Consumer Purchase Behavior

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 @ 02:06 PM

It’s certainly nothing new.  Corporate-branded mobile apps have long since changed the game in marketing, proving to be a critical component in how the brand connects to its customers and thus having a serious impact on a company’s bottom line. The game is nowhere over, and in fact is only getting more competitive and important to a company’s marketing strategy. A new study from Iowa State University found that there is a direct link between app use, purchase behaviors, and sales.  The real bottom line in this instance – “the more engaging the app, the more customers will spend,” as stated in an article from 

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Tips for Creating Brand Loyalty with Corporate-Branded Apps

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Wed, May 20, 2015 @ 11:36 AM

Consumer loyalty is a hot commodity these days with competition lurking in every corner. And where corporate brands once turned to mobile ads, SMS campaigns, check-in rewards, and other mobile initiatives to promote customer advocacy, many brands are turning to mobile app development to create loyalty amongst a new generation of consumers.

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Tips to Create the Perfect Mobile App Icon

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Wed, Mar 11, 2015 @ 11:39 AM

You’re interested in creating a mobile app for your business with the intent of boosting sales and finding a new way to connect to your consumer. No big deal; it’s just an app, right?  Well, not so fast!  That tiny icon is valuable real estate that must attract attention, become recognizable, and represent your company and brand.  Here are a few tips on how to create an icon that will do just that:

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Does My Business Need a Mobile App?

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Fri, Mar 06, 2015 @ 03:00 PM

There’s no doubt about it: the mobile device has changed consumers’ expectations about getting access to information, therefore playing a huge role in how products are purchased.  All things point to the mobile device taking over desktop/laptop activity, so it makes sense that if consumers want to be mobile, businesses need to be with them. This prompts many to ask a simple question, “Does my company need a mobile app?”  While we could go on and on about why the answer is “yes”, we will break it down to the basics. 

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Should You Develop and App for your Businesses?

Posted by Gregg Weiss on Wed, Mar 20, 2013 @ 07:57 PM

More and more businesses are getting in on mobile app development, especially fast food restaurants and retail stores. A recent report from a Google survey showed that most mobile searches take action on those searches within the first hour after searching. This shows that mobile users are searching on the go, while out shopping or just prior to shopping, and use mobile searches to help them make purchase decisions. This trend is good news for businesses and mobile app developers alike.

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